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Due to the popularity of my hedgehogs I have a waitlist and usually my hedgehogs are spoken for prior to being born. My breeding program is smaller, therefore I cannot guarantee color and sex. 

My waitlist deposits do not expire. Customers are allowed to skip as many times as they want. Sometimes this results in a better spot on the list as other hedgehogs get selected. This gives customers the freedom to select the hedgehog that is best for them and their family. The only expiration exception to the rule is if we don't hear from you 3 times in a row acknowledging a pass.

All of our African Pygmy hedgehogs, start at $300.


Please fill out the Adoption Application and the Deposit Contract. Email the deposit contract to

Then click the Paypal button to place your $50 deposit. 


We will contact you when we receive the above application, contract, and deposit to confirm your details. This deposit is applied towards the purchase price of your hedgehog, which will leave a balance due at the time of pickup. All prices include CO sales tax. All deposits are nonrefundable.


​SOCO HOGwarts reserves the right to join the waitlist above any customer with a paid deposit in order to ensure a diverse and healthy breeding population.

SOCO HOGwarts reserves the right to remove anyone from the waitlist that is found to be not practicing safe breeding standards. We do NOT support breeders without a mentor and do not keep track on lineage through their pedigrees. 


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My Current Waitlist

1. Kristen Martin 

2. Greg Gardner

3. Danielle Ward

4. Kelsey McDonough 

5. Rebeka Hill

6. John Lucero

7. Alix Martin 

8. Shelby Day

9. Breanna Hilkemeier

10. Kaylyn Lile

11. Joanna Walden